Dome Biography

Finally the shut-in schizophrenics who are heavily medicated have a band to relate to. This comes in the neat little package that's Dome. They've been around for years, but no one knows of them till now. The most inactive band in activity. They won't do live shows despite many pleas and they even turned down an opening slot on a huge arena tour. Now that is a lie cos nobody ever offered these three a pot to piss in.

What do they sound like? You ask unknowingly. At first they played heavy,tuned down anthems displaying there knowledge of solicited sex, love gone wrong and male/female genitalia. Now they play more downtrodden, lethargic songs that make you want to curl up in a little ball and cry yourself to sleep. Now that's entertainment folks!

Dome is currently in the process,a very long process,of reconstructing their studio. Hopes for a new album are high but uncertain. Maybe the end of this year,maybe next?? Who knows? All I do know is that with these three in constant interaction with society and with the employment positions they hold, just pray you don't ever need a limb replaced or a headstone placed. Chances are they will be knocking at your door and they won't be medicated.