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MTV to blend 2 popular shows

MTV news- November 23rd, Executive producer Mark McTaint announced today that he has gotten the “go ahead” by top executives to work on a new concept reality TV show blending the success of Pimp My Ride and the new show success Date My Mom to produce a new, hot, generation “next” hip “joint” called “Pimp My Mom.”

Mark McTaint commented, “The concept is simple, we will be recruiting good-looking early 20 year old adults and promise to trick out their tired old car if they will allow us to kidnap their mothers, send them overseas to Thailand and drop them penniless in the famous ‘Me luv you long time' sex house.   The recruits will work for one week and the Mother that can “sling the poon” for the most money will be honored as “ho of the week” and given free coupons to spend at participating stores like Old Navy, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Hot Topic.

McTaint further added that as a season grand finale, winners from the first 6 episodes, as well as their mothers will be flown to the famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada for an old fashioned “Ho-Down” where the mothers will participate in a “Winner take all” contest to see which mother bring in the most Ho money.  The winning contestant will be officially named “Masta Pimp”, get a full decked out pimp outfit, a gold plated Buick Electra and “seed money” to start his or her first brothel.  The winning mother will get nothing.

Test contestant Phillip Underly stated, “Man, I knew my mom is a good person, but she really went the distance on this one.  Not only is she a great cook and helps me wash my clothes when I come home from college, but she is also a great little moneymaker.  If she keeps this up I may be willing to chip in a bit of money for the divorce.  Of course dad isn't talking to me anymore but hey, ‘pimpin' ain't easy.”

McTaint has also hinted about some other ideas that may be coming your way including, The REAL Real World, The Beyonce Butt Bounce Half Hour, and Spring Break Mexican Prison Party.

- Associated pReSs