Projekt Atma is a revolution of evolution. Projekt Atma is the square root of negative one. Projekt Atma is the contradiction of the word "is." "Reality" should always be plural. Stubby Boardman will meet you around the bend.

New At the Projekt Atma Site...

2-7-06 - Can this be considered news?

2-4-06 - After nearly a year, another update. Blog added. Keep a lookout for updates to the music section (as time and my dial-up connection allow).

4-7-05 - Finally! A Haiku has been added! New blog.

3-17-05 - Photos from the 3-5-05 828 Comp show. New blog.

3-10-05 - 15 new links added.

3-7-05 - Added blog section.

3-05-05 - Newly updated and organized words section.

3-04-05 - Five new tracks added to the music section.

2-11-05 - New show listing added. Check out the information section for details.

2-10-05 - New links added. and

1-25-05 - 828 Compilation has been released.

12.09.04 - Thanks to Multiultramedia for hosting the new incarnation of Projekt Atma.

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